Viral Hepatitis Molecular Biology Diagnosis and Control book cover

Viral Hepatitis Molecular Biology Diagnosis and Control

The last forty years have witnessed the discovery of five human hepatitis viruses: hepatitis virus A, B, C, D, and E, and two related blood-borne viruses: GB virus C and TT virus.

Viral Hepatitis provides a comprehensive overview of the latest developments and research studies in human viral hepatitis. Written by leading international scientists in the field, this book covers topics ranging from the history of these viruses to their molecular biology, diagnosis, epidemiology and control. It will be an invaluable reference source for hepatitis researchers, reference and diagnostic laboratories, clinicians, public health officers and graduate and medical students.

Hardbound, 272 Pages

Published: November 2003

Imprint: Elsevier

ISBN: 978-0-444-51487-5


  • Preface. Hepatitis A (N. Previsani, D. Lavanchy, G. Siegl). Hepatitis B (N. Previsani, D. Lavanchy, A.J. Zuckerman). Hepatitis B virus mutants: Emergence and impact on diagnostic detection (P.F. Coleman). Hepatitis B virus: Life cycle and morphogenesis (L.G. Birkenmeyer). Hepatitis C virus (A. Scott Muerhoff, G.J. Dawson). Hepatitis Delta (N. Previsani, D. Lavanchy, M. Rizzetto). Hepatitis E virus: Current status (G.G. Schlauder). GB virus C (T.P. Leary, I.K. Mushahwar). Torque Teno virus (TTV): Molecular virology and clinical implications (H. Okamoto, T. Nishizawa, M. Takahashi). List of contributors. Index.


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