Underwater Repair Technology book cover

Underwater Repair Technology

The book provides an comprehensive overview of the techniques available for the joining and repair of offshore structures. Nixon starts with joining systems that do not require welding and then explores the associated engineering systems needed for joining procedures. Topics include pipe handling, hyperbaric chamber design, and principal underwater welding techniques, including wet, one atmosphere, and hyperbaric. Nixon also includes a description of the effects of environmental pressure on the various hyperbaric welding processes. A complete guide to underwater welding, this book also discusses technologies that show promise in the laboratory, but are not currently in use. Nixon provides appendices describing the relevant diving technologies, basic oceanography, and the research methods used in the development of hyperbaric welding.

This book is a must for anyone in the offshore industry, especially those involved in the joining and repair of offshore structures.

Hardbound, 108 Pages

Published: June 1995

Imprint: Gulf Professional Publishing

ISBN: 978-0-88415-885-1


  • Introduction; Offshore structures, materials and standards, The Joining of underwater structures without the use of underwater welding; Underwater engineering processes required for fabrication operations; Underwater welding technology; Manual hyperbaric welding techniques; Alternatives to saturation diving for deep water applications; Deep water arc welding processes; Alternatives to arc welding for deep water joining operations; Conclusions; Bibliography; Index


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