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Turbulence in Porous Media

Modeling and Applications

‘Turbulence in Porous Media’ introduces the reader to the characterisation of turbulent flow, heat and mass transfer in permeable media, including analytical data and a review of available experimental data. Such transport processes occurring a relatively high velocity in permeable media, are present in a number of engineering and natural flows. De Lemos has managed to compile, detail, compare and evaluate available methodologies for modelling simulating purposes, providing an essential tour for engineering students working within the field.
- The hotly debated topic of heterogeneity and flow turbulence has never before been addressed in book format. - Offers an experimental approach to turbulence in porous media as it discusses disciplines that have been traditionally developed apart from each other.

Mechanical engineers and researchers with an interest in heat transfer and fluid flow; also materials scientists and researchers working with porous media, and interested in the properties and characterisation of such materials.


Published: July 2006

Imprint: Elsevier

ISBN: 978-0-08-044491-8


  • “ This field is extremely interesting and currently experiencing a time of ‘real growth’, such a publication will be really appreciated”.


  • Preface Overview Table of ContentsList of Figures List of Tables Nomenclature Part One: Modeling1. Introduction 2. Governing Equations 3. The Double-Decomposition Concept 4. Turbulent Momentum Transport 5. Turbulent Heat Transport 6. Turbulent Mass Transport 7. Turbulent Double DiffusionPart Two: Applications8. Numerical Modeling and Algorithms 9. Applications in Hybrid Media ReferencesIndex


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