Tropical Stream Ecology

Edited by

  • David Dudgeon, Department of Ecology & Biodiversity, The University of Hong Kong, China

This book describes the main features of tropical streams and their ecology. It covers the major physico-chemical features, important processes such as primary production and organic-matter transformation, as well as the main groups of consumers: invertebrates, fishes and other vertebrates. Information on concepts and paradigms developed in north-temperate latitudes and how they do not match the reality of ecosystems further south is expertly addressed. The pressing matter of conservation of tropical streams and their biodiversity is included in alomost every chapter, with a final chapter providing a synthesis on conservation issues. For the first time, Tropical Streams Ecology places an important emphasis on viewing research carried out in contributions from international literature.
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Freshwater biologists, ecologists, limnologists, water-resource managers, and environmental protection


Book information

  • Published: December 2007
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-088449-0

Table of Contents

1. Physical and Chemical Features of Tropical Flowing WatersWilliam M. Lewis, Jr.2. Primary Production in Tropical Streams and RiversPeter M. DaviesStuart E. BunnStephen K. Hamilton3. Organic-Matter Processing in Tropical StreamsKarl M. WantzenCatherine. M. YuleJude M. MathookoCatherine M. Pringle4. Macroinvertebrates: Composition, Life Histories and ProductionDean JacobsenClaudia CressaJude M. MathookoDavid Dudgeon5. Fish Ecology in Tropical StreamsKirk O. WinemillerAngelo A. AgostinhoÉrica Pellegrini Caramaschi6. Aquatic, Semi-Aquatic and Riparian VertebratesNic PaciniDavid M. Harper7. Riparian Wetlands of Tropical StreamsKarl M. WantzenCatherine. M. YuleKlement TocknerWolfgang J. Junk8. Tropical High-Altitude Streams Dean Jacobsen9. Are Tropical Streams Ecologically Different from Temperate Streams?Andrew J. BoultonLuz BoyeroAlan P. CovichMichael DobsonRichard Pearson10. Tropical Stream ConservationAlonso RamírezCatherine M. PringleKarl M. Wantzen