Total Parenteral Nutrition book cover

Total Parenteral Nutrition

A Practical Guide for Nurses

This practical handbook covers the whole range of factors involved in total parenteral nutrition including patient suitability, contraindications, implementation techniques, and alternatives. It also takes into account the patient's opinion, body image, and lifestyle.

Paperback, 256 Pages

Published: November 1999

Imprint: Churchill Livingstone

ISBN: 978-0-443-06005-2


  • What is Parenteral Nutrition? · The Multi-Disciplinary Team · Patient Assessment · Choosing the Appropriate Catheter for Patients Requiring Parenteral Nutrition · Preparing the Patient for Central Venous Catheter Insertion · The Insertion of a Central Venous Catheter for Parenteral Nutrition · Nursing Management · Dietetic Aspects of Parenteral Nutrition · Complications · Home Parenteral Nutrition · Living with Parenteral Nutrition: a Patient's Perspective · Conclusion


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