Theoretical and Applied Mechanics 1992

Edited by

  • S.R. Bodner
  • J. Singer
  • A. Solan, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Haifa, Israel
  • Z. Hashin, Tel-Aviv University, School of Engineering, Department of Solid Mechnaics, Materials & Structures, Ramat-Aviv, Tel-Aviv, Israel

Contained in this volume are the full texts of the invited general and sectional lectures presented at this conference concerning mechanics and its development. The entire field of mechanics is covered, including analytical, solid and fluid mechanics and their applications. A brilliant survey of work in the fields of fluid and solid mechanics is also given. The papers are written by leading experts which is reflected in the quality and diversity of the lectures and posters presented, they will provide a valuable key to the latest and most important developments in the various sub-fields of mechanics.
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Book information

  • Published: July 1993
  • Imprint: NORTH-HOLLAND
  • ISBN: 978-0-444-88889-1

Table of Contents

Preface. Sponsoring Organizations and Companies. Congress Committees. List of Participants. Report on the Congress. Opening and Closing Lectures. Instability and turbulence in shear flows (A. Roshko). Micromechanics of fracture (G.I. Barenblatt). Introductory Lectures of Minisymposia. Instabilities in Solid and Structural Mechanics.Material instabilities and phase transitions in thermoelasticity (R. Abeyaratne). Propagating instabilities in structures (Summary) (S. Kyriakides). Computational approaches to plastic instability in solid mechanics (Y. Tomita). Sea Surface Mechanics and Air-Sea Interaction. The role of wave breaking in air-sea interaction (W.K. Melville). Extreme waves and breaking wavelets (O.M. Phillips). Effect of wind and water shear on wave instabilities (P.G. Saffman). Biomechanics. Nature's structural engineering of bone on a daily basis (S.C. Cowin). Liquid layer dynamics in pulmonary airways (R.D. Kamm). Energy-saving mechanisms in animal movement (R.McN. Alexander). Sectional Lectures. Controlling chaotic convection (H.H. Bau). Application of structural mechanics to biological systems (C.R. Calladine). Viscous fingering as a pattern forming system (Summary) (Y. Couder). Mechanics in sport (G. Grimvall). Aerodynamic sound associated with vortex motions: observation and computation (T. Kambe). Nonlinear membrane theory (A. Libai). On the role of wave propagation and wave breaking in atmosphere-ocean dynamics (M.E. McIntyre). Computational aspects of integration along the path of loading in elastic-plastic problems (J.B. Martin). Constitutive modeling and analysis of creep, damage, and creep crack growth under neutron irradiation (S. Murakami). Stability and bifurcation in dissipative media (Q.S. Nguyen). Bubble mechanics: luminescence, noise, and two-phase flow (A. Prosperetti). Wave propagation in non-isotropic structures (M.B. Sayir). Self-similar multiplier distributions and multiplicative models for energy dissipation in high-Reynolds-number turbulence (K.R. Sreenivasan, G. Stolovitzky). Cardiovascular fluid mechanics (A.A. van Steenhoven et al.). Trends in transonic research (J. Zierep). Contributed Papers. List of Contributed Papers presented at the Congress.