The Zebrafish: Cellular and Developmental Biology, Part A book cover

The Zebrafish: Cellular and Developmental Biology, Part A

This volume of Methods in Cell Biology, the first of 3 parts on the subject of zebrafish, provides a comprehensive compendia of laboratory protocols and reviews covering all the new methods developed since 2004. This first volume provides state-of-the-art descriptions of novel cellular imaging technologies and methods for culture of zebrafish stem cells, summarizes protocols for analyzingthe development of major organ systems including the central nervous system (CNS), and introduces the use of the zebrafish as a model system for human diseases.

Developmental biologists, neurobiologists, and cell biologists.

Included in series
Methods in Cell Biology

Hardbound, 366 Pages

Published: December 2010

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-384892-5


  • Part I: Cell Biology

      1. Cytoskeletal Analysis of Early Zebrafish Embryos
      2. Martin Wühr, William H. Detrich III, and Timothy J. Mitchison

      3. Development of Zebrafish Progenitor Cultures
      4. David Traver

      5. Axon Guidance in the Zebrafish
      6. Chi-Bin Chien

      7. Imaging Blood Vessels in the Zebrafish
      8. Weinstein

      9. Lipid Metabolism in Zebrafish
      10. Steven Farber

      11. Analysis of the Cell Cycle in Zebrafish
      12. James Amatruda

      13. Medaka Haploid Cells
      14. Hong Wunhan

      15. Ciliary Transport
      16. Jarema Malicki and Zhoxia Sun


        Part II: Developmental and Neural Biology

      17. Light Sheet Microscopy
      18. Ernst Steltzer and Jochen Wittbrodt

      19. Multiscale Dynamics in Zebrafish Embryogenesis
      20. Nadine Peyriéras

      21. The caspar Mutant in Organogenesis
      22. Len Zon

      23. Neurogenesis
      24. Prisca Chapouton and Leanne Godinho

      25. Development of the Peripheral Sympathetic Nervous SystemRodney Stewart, A. Thomas Look, John Kanki, and Paul Henion
      26. Enteric Nervous System
      27. Judith Eisen, Iain Shepherd

      28. Electrophysiological Methods for the Lateral Line
      29. Theresa Nicholson

      30. Computer-Aided Screening for Zebrafish Embryonic Motility Mutants
      31. Charles Lessman

      32. Photoreceptor Structure and Development: Analyses Using GFP Transgenes
      33. Brian Perkins, James Fadool, and John Dowling

      34. Approaches to Study Neurogenesis in the Zebrafish Retina
      35. Andrei Avanesov and Jarema Malicki

      36. Morphogenesis of the Jaw: Development Beyond the Embryo
      37. R. Craig Albertson and Pamela Yelick

      38. Cardiac Development
      39. Deb Yelon and Grant Miura

      40. Chemical Approaches to Angiogenesis
      41. Joann Chan

      42. Vascular Occlusion and Thrombosis in Zebrafish
      43. Pudur Jagadeeswaran and Bijoy Thattaliyath

      44. Zebrafish Kidney Development
      45. Iain Drummond and Alan Davidson

      46. Pancreas Development in Zebrafish
      47. Dirk Meyer and Vicki Prince

      48. Gut
      49. Didier Stainier and Wolfram Gosling

      50. Sleep
      51. Alex Schier

      52. Associative Learning in Zebrafish

    Lina Al-Imari and Robert Gerlai


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