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The Vitamins

The fourth edition of this bestselling text will again provide the latest coverage of the biochemistry and physiology of vitamins and vitamin-like substances. Extensively revised and expanded on the basis of recent research findings with enlarged coverage of health effects of vitamin-like factors, it is ideally suited for students and an important reference for anyone interested in nutrition, food science, animal science or endocrinology. It contains a cohesive and well-organized presentation of each of the vitamins, as well as the history of their discoveries and current information about their roles in nutrition and health.

Hardbound, 598 Pages

Published: March 2012

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-381980-2


  • PRAISE FOR THE FIRST EDITION: "It was a pleasure to read this magnificent book that can be used for teaching and as a desk reference. In short, this is the premier textbook in vitamins and may be used at both the graduate and undergraduate levels." -JOURNAL OF OPTIMAL NUTRITION "This text would be useful for anyone teaching a course about vitamins." -FOOD TECHNOLOGY "The organization of the book is a unique and useful approach to presenting material. Students will find the formatting of individual chapters extremely useful. This is an excellent learning textbook for an undergraduate or early graduate course on the vitamins." -JOURNAL OF NUTRITION EDUCATION "The book is obviously valuable to those teaching or using information associated with vitamins. I also recommend the book to other teachers as a way of presenting material to students to learn rather than memorize." -JOURNAL OF VETERINARY MEDICAL EDUCATION "The strength of this book is the clear description of the chemistry of each vitamin and related compounds and of the biochemistry and metabolic functions in the body. For those who want to build their knowledge of the vitamins on a chemical and biochemical base, this book will prove excellent." -AUSTRALIAN VETERINARY JOURNAL


  • Part I. Perspectives on the Vitamins in Nutrition1. What is a Vitamin?2. Discovery of the Vitamins3. Chemical and Physiological Properties of Vitamins4. Vitamin DeficiencyPart II. Considering the Individual Vitamins5. Vitamin A6. Vitamin D7. Vitamin E8. Vitamin K9. Vitamin C10. Thiamin11. Riboflavin12. Niacin13. Vitamin B614. Biotin15. Pantothenic Acid16. Folate17. Vitamin B1218. Quasi-VitaminsPart III. Using Current Knowledge of the Vitamins19. Sources of Vitamins20. Assessing Vitamin Status21. Quantifying Vitamin Needs22. Vitamin SafetyAppendices Appendix A Vitamin Terminology: Past and Present Appendix B Original Reports for Case Studies Appendix C A Core of Current Vitamin Research Literature Appendix D Vitamin Contents of Foods Appendix E Vitamin Contents of FeedstuffsIndex


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