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The Practice of Medicinal Chemistry

The Practice of Medicinal Chemistry, 2E, is a single-volume source on the practical aspects of medicinal chemistry. The successful first edition was nicknamed "The Bible" by medicinal chemists, and the second edition has been updated, expanded and refocused to reflect developments over the last decade. Emphasis is put on how medicinal chemists conduct their search for and design of new drug entities. In contrast to competing books, it focuses on the chemistry rather than pharmacological concepts or descriptions of the various therapeutic classes of drugs. Most medicinal chemists working in the pharmaceutical industry are organic synthetic chemists who must acquire a strong knowledge of medicinal chemistry as they enter the industry. This book aims to be their practical handbook - a complete guide to the drug discovery process.

Academic and industrial organic chemists/pharmacologists beginning a career in drug research, established scientists teaching medicinal chemistry, graduate and post-graduate medicinal chemists, biochemists, physical chemists, structural biologists, protein chemists, molecular biologists, and researchers and scientists in the pharmaceutical industry.


Published: June 2003

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-744481-9


  • PRAISE FOR THE FIRST EDITION "...a useful, authoritative discussion of the principles and practice of medicinal chemistry...the volume has a useful index, is well produced, and is very resonably priced..." -JOURNAL OF MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY


  • Contents Include: Drug TargetsNatural ProductsElectronic ScreeningIdentical and Non-Identical Twin DrugsOptical Isomerism in Drugs and more


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