The Organic Chemistry of Drug Design and Drug Action book cover

The Organic Chemistry of Drug Design and Drug Action

Standard medicinal chemistry courses and texts are organized by classes of drugs with an emphasis on descriptions of their biological and pharmacological effects. This book represents a new approach based on physical organic chemical principles and reaction mechanisms that allow the reader to extrapolate to many related classes of drug molecules. The Second Edition reflects the significant changes in the drug industry over the past decade, and includes chapter problems and other elements that make the book more useful for course instruction.

Hardbound, 617 Pages

Published: January 2004

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-643732-4


  • "...this text is directed towards graduates who are embarking on a career in medicinal chemistry in the discovery laboratory. Sliverman continues to blur the edges between chemistry and pharmacology in a manner that is incontrovertibly relevant to the discipline of drug design and development." -Michael E. Cooper, GE Healthcare, The Maynard Centre, in DDT, VOL. 9, 2004 "What stands out in comparison with other books discussed here is that the subjects are generally addressed in detail, and each theoretical point is illustrated with examples of specific drugs. A great deal of knowledge is reflected...that is suitable for both advanced students and PhDs a like who have not yet become acquainted with the area, but who wish to prepare themselves for a career in drug research." -ORGANIC CHEMISTRY ORG., 2005 Praise for the First Edition: "This book is a tour de force in the title area...This book would be appropriate for advanced undergraduate students and graduate students...strongly recommended to scientists who are seeking an efficient introduction to medicinal chemistry, background in a specific drug principle or category, or a dose of inspiration." --JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY "... unified, well-organized and clearly presented ...It is so clearly written that it will be of value to both students and veteran scientists...My congratulations to Dr. Silverman in consolidating such a multiplicity of facts and data so as to truly begin to reduce medicinal chemistry from a hybrid of chemistry, pharmacology and related sciences to a single, clearly defined, rationalized discipline." --Carl Kaiser, Director of Medicinal Chemistry, NOVA PHARMACEUTICAL CORPORATION "The author shows an uncanny ability to present the salient principles in a systematic, well-balanced and logical way..." --William C. Groutas, WICHITA STATE UNIVERSITY "I was favorably impressed with the clarity of Dr. Silverman's writing style which made the material interesting and easy to read...Treatment of the material is quite comprehensive without being overly detailed and the referencing and illustrations are well chosen..." --John G. Topliss, PARKE-DAVIS "...The organization of this book and the clarity of presentation are outstanding... It is highly recommended to medicinal chemists as well as to all others entering into the field or concerned with the science of medicinal chemistry." --JOURNAL OF MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY Praise for the new edition: "...intent of the first edition was to provide a textbook for advanced undergraduate students or graduate students, the scope of the second edition has been expanded so that it not only serves the original purpose but also serves as an excellent reference book for practicing medicinal chemists." --John W. Ellingboe, Wyeth Research for the Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, 2004 "...this book is a thorough overview of drug discovery and development... It is not only an excellent textbook for students but also a valuable resource for those already practicing medicinal chemistry." John W. Ellingboe, Wyeth Research for the Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, 2004


  • PREFACECHAPTER 1 -- IntroductionCHAPTER 2 -- Drug Discovery, Design, and DevelopmentCHAPTER 3 -- ReceptorsCHAPTER 4 -- Enzymes (Catalytic Receptors)CHAPTER 5 -- Enzyme Inhibition and InactivationCHAPTER 6 -- DNA-Interactive AgentsCHAPTER 7 -- Drug MetabolismCHAPTER 8 -- Prodrugs and Drug Delivery SystemsINDEX


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