The Laboratory Rat book cover

The Laboratory Rat

Researchers and students in the biological, veterinary, and medical sciences in academia; researchers in the pharmaceutical industry and commercial toxicological and pathology laboratories.

Hardbound, 756 pages

Published: June 2000

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-426400-7


  • "By assembling contributions from no less than 50 authors from eight countries, the editor has come close to producing a 'one-stop-shop' of information for those who work with laboratory rats. is hard to think of another contemporary source of information on the laboratory rat that brings so much together so conveniently. ...This book will go a long way to ensuring that those of us who work with these special animals will do so in a more informed manner to the benefit of all concerned."
    M. France, Director of Animal Services, University of Sydney for AUSTRALIAN VETERINARY JOURNAL (2002)

    "...the rest of the series then we are in for a treat, sitting well as an exciting new laboratory manual work for the Millennium."


  • The History and Development of the Rat as a Laboratory Model. Housing and Maintenance. Rat Pathogens. Reproduction and Breeding. Anatomy. Physiology. Procedures. Emerging New Techniques: Genetic Engineering and Molecular Technology.


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