The Information Literacy Cookbook book cover

The Information Literacy Cookbook

Ingredients, Recipes and Tips for Success

This book, aimed at an international audience, provides an overview of Information Literacy (IL) in practice; what it is, why it’s become so important in the library profession and demonstrates how librarians can cultivate a better understanding of IL in their own organisations. It uses the ‘Cookbook’ theme throughout to provide a more informal approach, which will appeal to practitioners, and also reflects the need to provide guidance in the form of recipes, tips for success, regional variations, and possible substitutions if ingredients aren’t available. This approach makes it easy to read and highly valuable for the busy information professional. It includes an overview of information literacy in higher education, the schools sector, public libraries, the health service and the commercial sector. It also includes contributions from international authors.

Paperback, 176 Pages

Published: August 2007

Imprint: Chandos Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-84334-225-0


  • …a good source of practical tips and hints that can assist information professionals engaged with information literacy in their planning and in their fulfilment of their plans., Webology
    Overall, this book has an exciting format which is refreshing. ...I am sure to refer this book again., Scottish Health Information Network
    …many useful ideas that could be taken up and implemented in libraries., Library Management


  • Appetisers and aperitifs: getting started with the information literacy cookbook; Feeding the masses: digital citizenship and the public library; Healthy mind, healthy body: digital literacy in the NHS; Information discovery stir-fry: information literacy in the commercial sector; Alone in the kitchen: when you’re the only one providing the service; Educating the palate of pupils and teachers: recipes for success in school libraries; Variety is the spice of life, or choosing your toppings with care: information literacy challenges in the further education sector; Information literacy beef bourguignon (also known as information skills stew or i-skills casserole): the higher education sector; Conclusion: coffee, cheese, biscuits and petit fours.


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