The Information and Knowledge Professional

The Information and Knowledge Professional's Career Handbook

Define and Create Your Success

The definitive guide to developing and managing a successful career in the information profession: Information Professionals and Knowledge Managers deal with significant challenges in building successful careers for a number of reasons associated with common misperceptions of their expertise and roles. In environments where they must often justify their work and value over and over again, those already in the profession need a boost and those just entering need to be prepared for a reality that may differ quite a bit from their expectations. The book is intended to give readers a set of tools and techniques with which to secure a strong career, build an effective brand, and succeed as professionals.

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Practitioners and students of Library and Information Science

Paperback, 294 Pages

Published: January 2011

Imprint: Chandos Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-84334-608-1


  • The information they provide is practical, actionable, and from this professional's experience, spot on. A recommended addition to the literature of LIS career development., Customer review on
    ...a must-read book for anyone in the "information professions" - whether they are students, recent grads, or later-career professionals looking to chart the course of the rest of their working lives., Customer review on
    An excellent resource and is applicable to other professions., Journal of Academic Librarianship


  • Introduction: An invitation; An opaque profession: Special challenges; Knowing who you are: Your ‘work personality’ and your ‘best fit’; Developing your brand: The professional image; Looking for a job: Tips and tricks; Creating your story: Crafting a compelling resume; Knowing where you want to go: Plan… but let chance have a chance!; Navigating organizational culture: Understanding politics; Winning support: ‘Selling’ proposals with the business case approach; Making the leap to a managerial role: Being the boss; Resilience at work: Coping when things get tough; About the money; Passing it on: Collegial support or mentoring; Our colleagues speak: Career snapshots; Jill and Ulla speak: Our professional journeys; Epilogue; Resources.


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