The Geological Evolution of the British Isles book cover

The Geological Evolution of the British Isles

Outlines the geological history and evolution of the British Isles and its surrounding sea areas. New information concerning Britain's evolution has emerged from the recent exploration of the seas around Britain in the search for oil and gas and much of this new information has been incorporated. The book will serve university and college students, sixth-form pupils in geology and will also be valuable to students in the allied disciplines such as geography, oceanography, and civil engineering


Published: May 1976

Imprint: Pergamon

ISBN: 978-0-08-020460-4


  • The clarity and economy of every page reflect experience gained in 30 years of teaching and show at the same time why his students regard him so warmly. This volume will put a still wider audience in his debt.

    Times Higher Education Supplement

    In a refreshing, lively style the author has produced a most enjoyable and readable textbook on a topic often found difficult to teach in school.

    Geology Teaching


  • (partial) Introduction

    "lapetus" - the first Atlantic Ocean

    "Even further back...? The old red sandstone continent

    From coral seas to mountain chains

    From new red sandstone deserts to chalk seas

    The final moulding


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