The Economic Relations Between Asia and Europe book cover

The Economic Relations Between Asia and Europe

Organisation, Trade and Investment

This book looks at the new configuration taken by Asia-Europe economic relations. It is set against the background of the inclusion of China in the WTO, the growth of foreign investors from emerging Asian countries, and the economic reforms in a number of crisis-hit South East Asian economies. It is written by a number of well established European and Asian scholars from the fields of economics as well as management. The different chapters in the book highlight key contemporary issues from theoretical, conceptual and empirical perspectives.

Students, researchers, and practitioners

Hardbound, 264 Pages

Published: November 2007

Imprint: Chandos Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-84334-311-0


  • Part 1 Trade and other macroeconomic issues: The difference between MNCs and local firms when facing an economic crisis: an exploratory view of the Indonesian economic crisis; China’s foreign trade strategy: targeting the European Union; Inward direct investments in ASEAN: the case of Finnish investments and trade in Malaysia; Does the PER effect exist in the Japanese market? Part 2 Ownership and control: The impact of investment policy liberalisation on the ownership strategies of Nordic investors in South Korea; Equity ownership of subsidiaries of Japanese SMEs in China: evidence from firm-level data; Management control systems of Japanese subsidiaries in China: a management accounting viewpoint. Part 3 Organisational and marketing aspects: The supplier-distributor relationship in China: is foreign leadership shaping negotiation practices? Market localisation strategy in China; Industrial purchasing behaviour and cultural diversity: a model test; Product branding in China and the role of Western companies; Market development strategies of mobile communication operators in China: a comparative analysis of China Mobile and China Unicom; Conclusions.


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