The Earth’s Electric Field book cover

The Earth’s Electric Field

Sources from Sun to Mud

The Earth’s Electric Field provides you with an integrated and comprehensive picture of the generation of the terrestrial electric fields, their dynamics and how they couple/propagate through the medium. The Earth’s Electric Field provides basic principles of terrestrial electric field related topics, but also a critical summary of electric field related observations and their significance to the various related phenomena in the atmosphere. For the first time, Kelley brings together information on this topic in a coherent way, making it easy to gain a broad overview of the critical processes in an efficient way. If you conduct research in atmospheric science, physics, atmospheric chemistry, space plasma physics, and solar terrestrial physics, you will find this book to be essential reading.


Atmospheric scientists and researchers specializing in atmospheric physics

Hardbound, 232 Pages

Published: October 2013

Imprint: Elsevier

ISBN: 978-0-12-397886-8


  • Chapter 1: Electric Field Generation Mechanisms
    Chapter 2: Atmospheric Electricity
    Chapter 3: Collisionless Hydrodynamic Generators in a Planetary Atmosphere
    Chapter 4: Electric Fields Generated by Solar Wind Interaction with the Magnetosphere
    Chapter 5: The Earth's Magnetosphere: A Secondary Collisionless Magnetohydrodynamic Generator
    Chapter 6: The Electric Field of Waves in a Magnetized Plasma


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