The Chemokine Factsbook book cover

The Chemokine Factsbook

Ligands and Receptors

How do you keep track of basic information on the proteins you work with? Where do you find details of their physicochemical properties, amino acid sequences, gene organization? Are you tired of scanning review articles, primary papers and databases to locate that elusive fact? The Academic Press FactsBook series will satisfy scientists and clinical researchers suffering from information overload. Each volume provides a catalog of the essential properties of families of molecules. Gene organization, amino acid sequences, physicochemical properties, and biological activity are presented using a common, easy-to-follow format. Taken together they compile everything you want to know about proteins but are too busy to look for. The Chemokine FactsBook contains more than 40 entries on chemokines, and chemokine receptors from human or other origin, including IL-8, MCP-1, C5-a, RANTES, Lymphotactin, and CC CKR-1. The text provides information on tissue sources, target cells, physicochemical properties, transcription factors, regulation of expression in disease, receptor-binding characteristics, gene structure and location, amino acid sequences, and accession numbers and references.

Ideal for immunologists, cell biologists, biochemists, molecular biologists, pharmacologists, cancer biologists, developmental biologists, biotechnologists, members of the pharmaceutical industry, and to medical researchers. Potential for bulk sales to pharmaceutical companies.

Paperback, 205 Pages

Published: April 1997

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-709905-7


  • Introductory Chapters:Introduction.Organization of the Data.Chemokines, An Overview.Chemokine Families.CXC Chemokines.CC Chemokines.Structural Features of Chemokines.Chemokines as Angiogenic and Angiostatic Agents.Chemokines as HIV Suppressive Factors.Chemokine Receptors, An Overview.Chemokines:CXC or I Family Chemokines: IL-8, MGSA, PF4, NAP-2, IP-10, MIP-2, ENA-78, EMF-1, GCP-2, SDF-1, CC or J Family Chemokines: MCP-1, MCP-2, MCP-3, MIP-1a, MIP-1b, RANTES, I-309, C10, HCC-1, C or K Family Chemokines: Lymphotactin, SCM-1.Chemokine Receptors: XC or I Chemokine Receptors: IL-8 Receptor A, IL-8 Receptor B. CC or J Chemokine Receptors: CC CKR-1, CC CKR-2, CC CKR-3, CC CKR-4. Chemoattractant Receptors: C5a Receptor, FPR. Chemoattractant Receptors: PAF Receptor, DARC.Viral Chemokine Receptors: US28, RCRF3.Orphan Chemokine Receptors: CMK-BRL-1, BLR-1/MDR15, HUMSTR, V28, EBI1.Subject Index.


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