The Basics of Digital Privacy book cover

The Basics of Digital Privacy

Simple Tools to Protect Your Personal Information and Your Identity Online

Who’s watching you online? These days, it’s hard to be sure. But the recent Edward Snowden revelations of NSA data mining and the constant threat of identity theft from criminals mean your privacy is in jeopardy.

The Basics of Digital Privacy teaches you how to protect the privacy of your data and your identity while surfing, searching, and interacting with others in a virtual world. Author Denny Cherry teaches professionals how to keep huge databases secure, and he will introduce you to the basic concepts of protecting your identity, your financial data, and your personal information from prying eyes while using your computer and smartphone. You’ll learn how to stay connected and conduct business online, while protecting your privacy with every keystroke and click.

The Basics of Digital Privacy gives you clear, non-technical explanations of how to safely store personal information online, create secure usernames and passwords for websites, and participate in social media without compromising your privacy. Learn how to find out who’s watching you online, and what the law has to say about your privacy rights. A great resource for anyone who ventures into the online world on a daily basis!

Computer and mobile device users concerned about online privacy, InfoSec professionals, and Security Awareness trainers

Paperback, 152 Pages

Published: February 2013

Imprint: Syngress

ISBN: 978-0-12-800011-3


  • Introduction

    1. Storing your Personal Information Online
    2. User Names and Passwords for Web Sites
    3. Securing Your Network
    4. Securing Your Computer
    5. Posting Information Online
    6. Who's Watching What You Do
    7. Laws and Internet Privacy


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