The Basics of Cyber Warfare book cover

The Basics of Cyber Warfare

Understanding the Fundamentals of Cyber Warfare in Theory and Practice

The Basics of Cyber Warfare provides readers with fundamental knowledge of cyber war in both theoretical and practical aspects. This book explores the principles of cyber warfare, including military and cyber doctrine, social engineering, and offensive and defensive tools, tactics and procedures, including computer network exploitation (CNE), attack (CNA) and defense (CND).

Readers learn the basics of how to defend against espionage, hacking, insider threats, state-sponsored attacks, and non-state actors (such as organized criminals and terrorists). Finally, the book looks ahead to emerging aspects of cyber security technology and trends, including cloud computing, mobile devices, biometrics and nanotechnology.

The Basics of Cyber Warfare gives readers a concise overview of these threats and outlines the ethics, laws and consequences of cyber warfare. It is a valuable resource for policy makers, CEOs and CIOs, penetration testers, security administrators, and students and instructors in information security.


Information Security professionals, hackers, penetration testers, systems administrators, CIOs, as well as information security students.

Paperback, 164 Pages

Published: November 2012

Imprint: Syngress

ISBN: 978-0-12-404737-2


  • "Given the scope of conventional warfare and cyber warfare, at under 150 pages, the book takes a very high-level approach to the topic…For those looking for a general introduction to the topic, The Basics of Cyber Warfare: Understanding the Fundamentals of Cyber Warfare in Theory and Practice is a good place to start."--RSA, March 11, 2013
    "This is a thin book on a broad and deep topic, which gave me pause initially, but as it turns out, the book is thoughtfully written and will definitely be useful for educating managers and security professionals who need to broaden their thinking beyond physical security. It provides a dozen pages or so on each of the big topics in computer network security…This book won’t give you everything you need to know for incident handling or certification, but it can serve as a first step in a manager’s education in computer network security."--Security


  • Introduction


    Military Doctrine

    Cyber Doctrine

    Tools and Techniques

    Offensive Tactics and Procedures

    Psychological Weapons / Social Engineering

    Defensive Tactics and Procedures

    Challenges We Face

    The Future of Technology and Impacts on Cyber Warfare


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