The Art of People Management in Libraries book cover

The Art of People Management in Libraries

Tips for Managing your Most Vital Resource

This book explores recent trends in human resource management practices and presents options for their application within the special context of libraries, especially academic and research libraries. It lays out a set of the most pressing HR management issues facing senior library leaders in the context of continuous organisational change in the 21st century and offers library practitioners effective tips for people management.

Practitioners and students of Library and Information Science

Paperback, 312 Pages

Published: January 2010

Imprint: Chandos Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-84334-423-0


  • The authors have produced a practical book that is current and aspiring library leaders from a variety of sectors will find useful., The Australian Library Journal
    A readable and useful book., The Australian Library Journal


  • The library business is changing - please excuse our dust during renovations! Human resources: Your most vital resource - don’t leave it to chance! The rules of the game have changed; The systems thinking approach: The framework for developing a human resource management system; Systems thinking simplified - four primary concepts; Developing your people plan - a Systems Thinking approach; Leadership in HR management practices - the people edge competencies; Ten critical HR issues within libraries; Epilogue: ‘Just when we thought things were running smoothly …’.


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