The Anatomical Basis of Mouse Development


  • Matthew Kaufman, Edinburgh University, U.K.
  • Jonathan Bard, University of Edinburgh, U.K.

This book is an essential anatomical resource for developmental biologists who need to know about any aspect of mouse developmental anatomy, as well as for geneticists using the mouse embryo as a model. The book is a companion to Kaufman's The Atlas of Mouse Development, and details the developmental anatomy of the early embryo, the transitional tissues, and all the major organ systems. It also provides extensive comparisons with human developmental anatomy, both normal and abnormal. The book has extensive reference indexes detailing developmental stage criteria.The Anatomical Basis of Mouse Development will be a key reference work for anyone who needs to understand developmental anatomy in normal and mutant mice.
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Researchers in developmental biology, especially embryology; anatomists; molecular geneticists and geneticists using the mouse embryo as a model system for research.


Book information

  • Published: March 1999
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-402060-3


Anatomical Basis of Mouse Development by Kaufman and Bard will certainly become a standard resource for both experts and novices analyzing mouse phenotypes. ...The developmental anatomy covered in this book is first rate and provides exceptional detail about many important organ systems. ...Clearly we need many more text, CD, and web-based resources in the mouse genetics field such as the Anatomical Basis of Mouse Development... It is clear to me that every laboratory using the mouse in biomedical research should have at least one copy of this book. It will become an instant classic for the field."
—Richard R. Behringer, M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, in CELL (September 1999)

Table of Contents

Introduction. The Early Stages:From Fertilization to Implantation.The Postimplantation Embryo.Postimplantation Extra-Embryonic Development.Early Organogenesis.The Transitional Tissues:The Neural Crest.Somites And Their Derivatives (muscles, dermis, and vertebrae).The Branchial Arch System.The Major Organ Systems:The Heart and its Associated Vascular System.The Limbs.The Urogenital System.The Gut and its Associated Tissues.The Mouth and Nose Region.The Brain and Spinal Cord.The Eye and the Ear.The Skull.The Indexes:Introduction.Table of Mouse and Rat Developmental Stages.The Tissues Present in Each Stage of Mouse Development.Index of First Occurrences of Tissues.Glossary.References.Author Index.Tissue Index.Subject Index.The Wiring (Lineage) Diagrams