Telehealth in Otolaryngology, An Issue of Otolaryngologic Clinics book cover

Telehealth in Otolaryngology, An Issue of Otolaryngologic Clinics

The far reach of telehealth for patients living in remote areas, in areas isolated by war, and those who cannot travel is quickly becoming a practical and efficient way to practice medicine. Otolaryngologists and other physicians wishing to become familiar with the role of telehealth in diagnosis and treatment of patients will find topics in this publication that include: 

Teleconsultation in Neuro-otology;  Telehealth and Humanitarian Partnerships in Otolaryngology; Successful Models for Tele-otolaryngology;  Consumer Directed Telehealth;  Remote Audiology;  Remote Management of Voice and Swallowing Disorders;  Robotics and Tele-Surgery in Otolaryngology;  Training and Simulation in Otolaryngology;  Cell Phones in Telehealth;  The Alaska Experience: Impact of Telehealth in Treating Ear Disease in Alaska;  Legal issues and Licensing;  Future prospects of Teleotolaryngology

Included in series
The Clinics: Surgery


Published: November 2011

Imprint: Saunders

ISBN: 978-1-4557-1114-7


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