Technology and Knowledge Flow

The Power of Networks

Edited by

  • Guglielmo Trentin, CNR – Institute for Educational Technology, Italy

This book outlines how network technology can support, foster and enhance the Knowledge Management, Sharing and Development (KMSD) processes in professional environments through the activation of both formal and informal knowledge flows. Understanding how ICT can be made available to such flows in the knowledge society is a factor that cannot be disregarded and is confirmed by the increasing interest of companies in new forms of software-mediated social interaction. The latter factor is in relation both to the possibility of accelerating internal communication and problem solving processes, and/or in relation to dynamics of endogenous knowledge growth of human resources.

The book will focus specifically on knowledge flow (KF) processes occurring within networked communities of professionals (NCP) and the associated virtual community environments (VCE) that foster horizontal dynamics in the management, sharing and development of fresh knowledge. Along this line a further key issue will concern the analysis and evaluation techniques of the impact of Network Technology use on both community KF and NCP performance.
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Human resources managers and training managers within enterprises


Book information

  • Published: August 2011
  • Imprint: Chandos Publishing
  • ISBN: 978-1-84334-646-3

Table of Contents

Leveraging mobile network technologies to accelerate tacit knowledge flows across organisations and distances; Supporting knowledge flow in web-based environments by means of narrative; What are virtual walls to flow of knowledge in teamwork discussions? Knowledge flows and graphic knowledge representations; Graphic knowledge representation as a tool for fostering knowledge flow in informal learning processes; Conclusive thought on communication flow, knowledge flow and informal learning.