System Modelling and Control


  • J. Schwarzenbach, Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering, University of Leeds, UK
  • K. Gill, Senior Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering, University of Leeds, UK

Providing a sound introduction to control engineering, this book features clear explanations and illustrations of the dynamic behaviour of systems and the main methods of analysis.This edition has been expanded to reflect advances in computer technology and includes many practical examples.
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Undergraduates of mechanical engineering and professional engineers requiring an introduction to control. Undergraduates and postgraduates in allied subjects such as chemical and production engineering.


Book information

  • Published: January 1992
  • ISBN: 978-0-340-54379-5

Table of Contents

Mathematical description of system components * Transient response of systems * System simulation * State space representation and analysis * Frequency response of systems * Statistical methods for system identification * Feedback systems - accuracy and stability * The root locus method * The sampled-data process * Design of closed loop systems * Nonlinearities and dead time * Case studies * Index.