Surface Coatings for Protection Against Wear

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  • B G Mellor, University of Southampton, UK

As wear is a surface or near surface phenomenon it has long been realised that the wear resistance of a component can be improved by providing a surface of different composition from the bulk material. Although this book concentrates on surface coatings, the distinction between surface coatings and the process of modifying the surface by changing its composition is not always clear, so some useful surface modification techniques are also considered.

Surface coatings for protection against wear, consists of twelve chapters written by different authors, experts in their field. After a brief introductory chapter wear phenomena and the properties required from a coating are addressed. Chapter three covers coating characterisation and property evaluation relevant to wear resistance with an emphasis on mechanical testing of coatings. The next chapter provides an introduction to the various methods available to deposit wear resistant coatings. The following six chapters describe in detail wear resistant coatings produced by various deposition routes. Emphasis is placed on the microstructure property relationship in these coatings. Chapter eleven addresses coatings and hardfacings, produced from welding processes, specifically modern developments such as friction surfacing and pulsed electrode surfacing techniques. The final chapter is dedicated to future trends in both coating materials and coating processes.

Surface coatings for protection against wear is essential for anyone involved in selecting coatings and processes and will be an invaluable reference resource for all engineers and students concerned with the latest developments in coatings technology.
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Undergraduates who require a sound understanding of surface engineering methods and Postgraduate students on Masters courses or in the early stages of their research; Practicing engineers


Book information

  • Published: May 2006
  • Imprint: Woodhead Publishing
  • ISBN: 978-1-85573-767-9


…aimed at undergraduates who require a sound understanding of surface engineering methods, and practicing engineers, to aid them in the selection of appropriate coatings and processes., Materials World
...a useful introduction for postgraduate students on Masters cources or in the early stages of their research., Materials World

Table of Contents

Understanding surface wear in engineering materials; Mechanic testing of coatings; The range of surface coating methods; Chemical vapour deposition methods for coating against wear; Physical vapour deposition methods for protection against wear; Electroless plating for protection against wear; Electroplating for protection against wear; Thermal spraying methods for protection against wear; Welding surface treatment methods for protection against wear; Laser surface treatment methods for protection against wear; Future trends in surface coatings for protection against wear.