Student Feedback

The Cornerstone to an Effective Quality Assurance System in Higher Education

Edited by

  • Chenicheri Sid Nair, University of Western Australia, Australia
  • Patricie Mertova, University of Oxford, UK

In recent years, student feedback has appeared at the forefront of higher education quality. In particular, the issues of effectiveness and the use of student feedback to affect improvement in higher education teaching and learning, and also other areas of student tertiary experience. Despite this, there has been a relative lack of academic literature, especially in book format, focusing on the experiences of academics, higher education leaders and managers with expertise in this area. This comprehensive book addresses this gap.

With contributions by experts in the area of higher education quality (academics, higher education leaders and managers) from a range of countries the book is concerned with the practices and theory of evaluation in higher education quality, in particular the issue of student feedback.
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Practitioners in the area of higher education quality, such as academics, managers and leaders involved in higher education quality, as well as those involved in the design and administration of questionnaires and surveys


Book information

  • Published: February 2011
  • Imprint: Chandos Publishing
  • ISBN: 978-1-84334-573-2

Table of Contents

Part 1 Overview: The nexus of feedback and improvement. Part 2 International perspectives: Student feedback in the US and global contexts; Student feedback in higher education: A Malaysian perspective; Improving university teaching through student feedback: A critical investigation; Student feedback in the Australian national and university context. Part 3 Tools and administration: Tools for effective student feedback; Web-based or paper-based surveys: A quandary? Inclusive practice in student feedback systems; Action and the feedback cycle.