Structural Biology Using Electrons and X-rays book cover

Structural Biology Using Electrons and X-rays

An Introduction for Biologists

Structural Biology Using Electrons and X-rays is the perfect book to provide advanced undergraduates or graduate students with an accessible introduction to the two major diffraction-based techniques of structural biology. While concentrating on electron cryo-microscopy with image analysis, it also includes X-ray crystallography in a coherent survey of fundamental principles. Starting with Fourier transforms and progressing through optics and imaging principles, symmetry and three-dimensional reconstruction theory, Structural Biology Using Electrons and X-rays ends in an account of the latest methods adapted to crystals, helices, viral heads, and single particles.

Graduate and advanced undergraduate students in biochemistry, molecular biology, and biological and medical physics; research biologists using electron microscopy

Paperback, 450 Pages

Published: January 2011

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-370581-5


  • Part I: Fourier Transforms

    1. Overview

    2. Correlations & Convolutions

    3. Fourier Fundamentals

    4. Digital Fourier Transforms

    5. Filters

    6. Two-Dimensional FTs

    Part II: Optics

    7. Microscopy with Rays

    8. Waves

    9. Wave Imaging

    Part III: Further Mathematical Methods/General Aspects

    10. Symmetry

    11. Statistics & Matrices

    12. The Third Dimension

    Part IV: Image Analysis/Structure Determination

    13. Special Symmetries

    14. Crystalline Sheets

    15. Helices

    16. Icosahedral Particles

    17. Unsymmetrical ("Single") Particles

    18. Distortion Correction

    19. FT Mathematics

    20. Elementary Matrices


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