Strategic Information Management book cover

Strategic Information Management

A Practitioner’s Guide

The management of organisational information assets and the development of information policies have received much attention in recent times with organisations challenging themselves to think about ‘information’ and ‘knowledge’ as key organisational assets that require careful management. This book provides a practical guide to addressing the many aspects associated with successful implementation of an information management initiative. The book considers how to develop strategic awareness, how to formulate information strategies and policies and includes a very practical guide upon how to conduct an information audit. Readers will become equipped to develop their careers in the rapidly growing area of managing organisational information assets.

Paperback, 244 Pages

Published: July 2008

Imprint: Chandos Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-84334-376-9


  • …after finishing the book and absorbing its contents, my ever expanding knowledge information history was much richer., Legal Information Management
    …the toolkit is incredibly useful, providing analysis templates, questionnaire design tips and much more. I thoroughly recommend it., Legal Information Management
    ...concise pre-course reading to business and information systems students. The pragmatic (and not highly theoretical) way the book is written rightly portrays the author's academic and consultancy background. The language is also very readable., International Journal of Information Management


  • Strategic awareness; Defining information management; Information as an asset; Information auditing; Information management in the organisation; Formulating information management policy and strategy; Information literacy; Information management compliance; The role of the chief information officer; Concluding remarks.


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