Statistical Mechanics book cover

Statistical Mechanics

An Introduction

Thirty years' teaching experience have been condensed into this concise introductory book on Statistical Mechanics. Ideal for second and third year undergraduates in physics, applied mathematics, physical chemistry, chemical engineering, metallurgy, materials science and polymer science.

Paperback, 160 Pages

Published: November 2001

Imprint: Woodhead Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-898563-89-1


  • Throughout the whole book, 30 teaching years have left traces that: (a) content is adapted to undergraduate level, avoiding complicated mathematical derivations without neglecting their scientific purpose; (b) summaries follow each chapter, repeating its scientific content in compressed form; (c) worked examples, questions and appendices support the learning process. It is recommended to all, even graduate students., Zeitschrift für Physikalische Chemie
    Many advanced books frighten students away but this book shows how to considerably simplify basic mathematics of equilibrium statistical mechanics., Prof. Temperley, formerly University of Cambridge, UK
    A simple, well explained introduction to statistical physics., Review by a customer on


  • Historical introduction; Some basic ideas; The Boltzmann distribution and related topics; The approach to gases; More detailed treatment of gases; The Maxwell-Boltzmann distribution for monatomic and diatomic gases; Fermi-dirac gases; Bose-Einstein gases; Solids; Liquids; Other related topics; Worked examples; Questions with answers; Appendices: Stirling’s approximation; A result for localised particles; Various integrals; Some thermodynamic results; Physical constants; References.


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