Starch: Chemistry and Technology book cover

Starch: Chemistry and Technology


Published: April 1984

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-746270-7


  • List of Contributors.Preface.Contents of Previous Volumes.History and Future Expectation of Starch Use, R.L. Whistler.Economics and Future of the Starch Industry, P.L. Farris.Genetics and Physiology of Starch Development, J.C. Shannon and D.L. Garwood.Enzymes in the Hydrolysis and Synthesis of Starch, J.F. Robyt.Starch Oligosaccharides: Linear, Branched, and Cyclic, K. Kaninuma.Molecular Structure of Starch, R.L. Whistler and J.R. Daniel.Organization of Starch Granules, D. French.Fractionation of Starch, A.H. Young.Gelatinization of Starch and Mechanical Properties of Starch Pastes, H.F. Zobel.Starch Derivatives: Production and Uses, M.W. Rutenberg and D. Solarek.Chemicals from Starch, F.H. Otey and W.M. Doane.Corn and Sorghum Starches: Production, S.A. Watson.Tapioca, Arrowroot, and Sago Starches: Production, D.A. Corbishley and W. Miller.Potato Starch: Production and Uses, E.L. Mitch.Wheat Starch: Production, Modification, and Uses, J.W. Knight and R.M. Olson.Rice Starch: Production, Properties, and Uses, B.O. Juliano.Acid-Modified Starch: Production and Uses, R.G. Rohwer and R.E. Klem.Starch in the Paper Industry, M.J. Mentzer.Applications of Starches in Foods, C.O. Moore, J.V. Tuschhoff, C.W. Hastings, and R.V. Schanefelt.Starch and Dextrins in Prepared Adhesives, H.M. Kennedy and A.C. Fischer, Jr..Glucose- and Fructose-Containing Sweeteners from Starch, N.E. Lloyd and W.J. Nelson.Industrial Microscopy of Starches, E.M. Snyder.Photomicrographs of Starches, L.E. Fitt and E.M. Snyder.Index.


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