Stability Analysis and Modelling of Underground Excavations in Fractured Rocks


  • Jian Zhao
  • Weishen Zhu

* Provides practical solutions to the challenge of modeling and analyzing rock masses * Consolidates a wealth of previously published technical papers on the subject and introduces previously unseen material This authoritative title is a key reference for any Geo-engineer. Rock masses differ considerably from man-made materials, and their properties can vary with location, direction and time. As a result there is a critical need to capture these variations via modeling and analysis. Zhu and Zhao provide an expert introduction to the techniques and analytical methods needed for studying underground excavations in fractured rock masses. The book brings together previously published and new material to provide a comprehensive and up-to-date reference.
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Book information

  • Published: December 2003
  • Imprint: ELSEVIER
  • ISBN: 978-0-08-043012-6

Table of Contents

Introduction, Physical Modeling of Jointed Rock Masses, Numerical Modeling of Jointed Rock Masses, Sensitivity Analysis of Rock Mass Parameters, Stability Analysis of Rheologic Rock Masses, Back Analysis and Observational Methods, Construction Mechanics and Optimization of Excavation Schemes, Reinforcement Mechanism of Rockbolts