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SQL Clearly Explained

This is the second edition of the popular practitioner's guide to SQL, the industry-standard database query language. Like most computer languages, SQL can be overwhelming when you first see it, but for years readers have relied on this book to clear the confusion and explain how SQL works and how to use it effectively. Packed with tips, tricks, and good information, SQL Clearly Explained, Second Edition teaches database users and programmers everything they need to know to get their job done including · formulating SQL queries, · understanding how queries are processed by the DBMS,· maximizing performance,· using SQL to enter, modify, or delete data,· creating and maintaining database structural elements, and· embedding SQL in applications.Features· Updated and expanded to include changes in the SQL standard (SQL:1999) as well as recently implemented aspects of SQL-92.· Includes CD with examples from the book as well as MySQL, a popular open-source DBMS, on which the examples are based.· Web enhanced with extra features available online at www.mkp.com.

db application developers, db administrators, SQL programmers, comp sci students


Published: April 2003

Imprint: Morgan Kaufmann

ISBN: 978-1-55860-876-4


  • Part 1: Getting Started: Installing MySQL. Using the MySQL Client. Introduction to SQL. Part II: Performing Interactive Data Manipulation: Simple SQL Retrieval. Retrieving Data from More than One Table. Advanced Retrieval Operations. Calculations and Grouping Queries. Modifying Data. Part III: Managing Database Structure: Schemas, Domains, and Tables. Views, Temporary Tables, and Indexes. Part IV: Program-Based Data Manipulation. Users, Sessions, and Transaction Control. Embedded SQL. Dynamic SQL. Part V: Unimplemented Features in the SQL Standards: Unimplemented SQL-92 Features. Unimplemented SQL3 Features. Part VI: Appendices: The Online Bookstore Database. QLSTATE Return Codes. SQl Syntax summary.


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