Spatial Choices and Processes

Edited By

  • M.M. Fischer, Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration, Vienna, Austria
  • P. Nijkamp, Free University, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Y.Y. Papageorgiou, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Spatial decisions and processes are fundamental to the understanding of spatial structure. In the earlier stages of spatial analysis proposed explanations were typically on the aggregate, phenomenological level. Now a new field has evolved and matured which calls for a deeper understanding of spatial structure with a particular emphasis on spatial decisions and processes.

The present volume serves as a guide and as an anthology by discussing a wide variety of new modelling approaches, techniques and issues related to spatial decision and processes and drawing these seemingly disparate, but interlocking parts together.

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Book information

  • Published: December 1990
  • Imprint: NORTH-HOLLAND
  • ISBN: 978-0-444-88195-3

Table of Contents

Current Trends in Behavioural Modelling (M.M. Fischer,P. Nijkamp and Y.Y. Papageorgiou). Part A: New Approaches to Spatial Choice Analysis. Account of Different Views in Dynamic Choice Processes (M.M. Fischer, G. Haag, M. Sonis and W. Weidlich). Theory of Chaos: Relevance for Analysing Spatial Processes (P. Nijkamp and A. Reggiani). A Model of Continuous Spatial Choice (G.Leonardi, Y. Papageorgiou and Y.Y. Papageorgiou). Theoretical Aspects of Variety-Seeking Choice Behaviour (H. Timmermans). Dirichlet-Logistic Models of Spatial Choice (N. Wrigley). The Conceptual and Empirical Basis of a General Theory of Spatial Knowledge (R.G. Golledge). NAVIGATOR: An AI-Based Model of Human Way-Finding in an Urban Environment (S. Gopal and T.R.Smith). Part B: Discrete Choice Models and Choice Experiments. Recent Developments in Flexible Discrete Choice Models: Nested Logit Analysis Versus Simulated Moments Probit Analysis (A. Bösch-Supan). Comparing the Performance of Discrete Choice and Hedonic Models (C. Mason and J.M. Quigley). The External Validity of Choice Models Based on Laboratory Choice Experiments (J. Horowitz and J.J. Louviere). The Orthogonality Issue in Stated Choice Designs (D.A. Hensher and P.O. Barnard). Discrete Choice Analysis with Ordered Alternatives (L.W. Johnson). Part C: Applications. Unemployment and Unfilled Vacancies in Spatial Models of Job Choice (J.R. Roy). The Residential Location and Workplace Choice: A Nested Multinomial Logit Model (G.H.M. Evers). Using and Interpreting Generalised Loglinear Models in Geographic Analysis (M.C. Deurloo, F.M. Dieleman and W.A.V. Clark). Air Transportation Passenger Route Choice: A Nested Multinomial Logit Analysis (N.N. Ndoh, D.E. Pitfield and R.E. Caves). Author Index.