Somitogenesis, Part I, 47 book cover

Somitogenesis, Part I, 47


Published: November 1999

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-153147-8


  • P.P.L. Tam, D. Goldman, A. Camus, and G.C. Schoenwolf, Early Events of Somitogenesis in Higher Vertebrates: Allocation of Precursor Cells during Gastrulation and Organization of a Meristic Pattern in the Paraxial Mesoderm.S. Eloy-Trinquet, L. Mathias, and J.-F. Nicolas, Retrospective Tracing of the Developmental Lineage of the Mouse Myotome.O. Pourquié, Segmentation of the Paraxial Mesoderm and Vertebrate Somitogenesis.C.D. Stern and D. Vasiliauskas, Segmentation: A View from the Border.A. Rawls, J. Wilson-Rawls, and E.N. Olson, Genetic Regulation of Somite Formation.A.C. Burke, Hox Genes and the Global Patterning of the Somitic Mesoderm.R. Keller, The Origin and Morphogenesis of Amphibian Somites.S.A. Holley and C. Nüsslein-Volhard, Somitogenesis in Zebrafish.M. Bronner-Fraser, Rostrocaudal Differences within the Somites Confer Segmental Pattern to Trunk Neural Crest Migration.Index.Contents of Previous Volumes.


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