Solar Optical Materials book cover

Solar Optical Materials

Applications & Performance of Coatings & Materials in Buildings & Solar Energy Systems

This volume provides a thorough review and evaluation of the use of solar optical materials in applications which have high potential for commercial development. Areas of concern and problems for future research are also highlighted. With major contributions from Europe's leading specialists in the field, this record of the first UK-ISES conference dedicated to materials problems in solar energy applications will be indispensable to those in the forefront of solar energy research.

For energy technologists, especially those working in solar energy research, materials scientists and architects.


Published: May 1988

Imprint: Pergamon

ISBN: 978-0-08-036613-5


  • Session titles and selected papers. Transparent Media for Advanced Window Applications. Principles & properties of heat mirror coatings for domestic windows, R N Howson. Industrial production of low emissivity coatings, M J Gainsbury. Preparation & properties of zinc oxide films formed by RF sputtering, C C Figgures & M G Hutchins. Optical property measurements on advanced glazing, J L Chevalier. Superglazing, U-value=0.9, P Robinson & J Littler. Forward scattering of insolation through transparent and translucent materials, B Norton et al. Optical Switching Films and Novel Materials for the Controlled Conversion of Solar Radiation. Electrochronic properties of tungsten oxide films, S M Christie & M G Hutchins. New functional window coatings for automotive applications, C G Granqvist. The physical properties of pyrolytically sprayed tin dioxide coatings, H Haitjema. Selective Absorber Surfaces, Durability and Service Lifetime Prediction. Selective solar absorber surfaces - present and future, J J Mason. Practical experience of using selective surfaces on mass wall collectors, D Clarke. Accelerated ageing of solar absorber surfaces: test methods and degradation mechanisms, P R Dolley & M G Hutchins. Durability testing and service lifetime prediction of solar energy materials, M Kohl & K Gindele. Innovative test procedure for assessment of the durability of solar collectors, U Frei & T Hauselmann. Measurement Techniques for Surface Characterization. Errors in integrating sphere measurements due to sphere geometry and sample texture, A Roos et al. Spectral measurement of the infrared reflectance, K Gindele & M Kohl.


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