Semiconductor Superlattices and Interfaces book cover

Semiconductor Superlattices and Interfaces

This book is concerned with the dynamic field of semiconductor microstructures and interfaces. Several topics in the fundamental properties of interfaces, superlattices and quantum wells are included, as are papers on growth techniques and applications. The papers deal with the interaction of theory, experiments and applications within the field, and the outstanding contributions are from both the academic and industrial worlds.


Published: October 1993

Imprint: North-holland

ISBN: 978-0-444-81643-6


  • Preface. The evolution of semiconductor quantum structures. Do-it-yourself quantum mechanics (L. Esaki). Physics and engineering of heterojunction band lineups (G. Margaritondo, C. Coluzza, J.T. McKinley). Theoretical models on the formation of semiconductor interface barriers (F. Flores, J. Ortega, R. Pérez). Semiconductor interfaces (A. Baldereschi, M. Peressi, S. Baroni, R. Resta). The strain release in mismatched semiconductor heterostructures (A.V. Drigo). Optical investigation of interfaces (A. Stella). Optical properties of silicides (G. Guizzetti, A. Piaggi). Quantum size effect in low-dimensional semiconductors (R. Cingolani). Relaxation dynamics in GaAs/A1xGa1-xAs quantum well heterostructures (M. Colocci, M. Gurioli, A. Vinattieri). Excitons and polaritons in quantum wells (F. Bassani, F. Tassone, L.C. Andreani). Envelope function approach to electronic states in heterostructures (M. Altarelli). Ab initio calculation of phonon spectra in semiconductors: from pure crystals to alloys and superlattices (S. Baroni et al.). Compositional disorder in A1GaAs superlattices: bond charge model calculations of vibrational features and optical spectra (L. Miglio, C. Molteni, L. Colombo). Interaction of light with folded acoustic waves in semiconductor superlattices (J. Sapriel). Photoreflectance study of GaAs/A1xGa1-xAs single quantum well and strained InxGa1-xAs/GaAs superlattices (Chen-Jia Chen et al.). Wannier-Stark quantization in semiconductor superlattices: physics and applications (M. Voos). Thermal and thermo-electric transport properties of quantum point contacts (L.W. Molenkamp, H. van Houten, C.W.J. Beenakker, C.T. Foxon). Band structure engineering and its device applications (F. Capasso). The physics of nanofabrication (C.D.W. Wilkinson). Molecular-beam epitaxy of advanced structures based on III-V compounds (A. Bosacchi and S. Franchi). Problems in optical properties of semiconductors and their solutions (M. Cardona).


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