Semiclassical Descriptions of Atomic and Nuclear Collisions

Edited By

  • J. Bang
  • J. de Boer

These proceedings contain the invited papers, both theoreticaland experimental presented at this symposium, the first of 3 heldin Copenhagen to honour Niels Bohr's hundredth birthday.
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Book information

  • Published: January 1985
  • Imprint: NORTH-HOLLAND
  • ISBN: 978-0-444-86972-2


Preface. On the history of the so-called WKB methodfrom 1817 to 1926 (N. Fröman and P.O. Fröman). Semiclassicalmethods in chemical dynamics (W.H. Miller). Elastic andInelastic Processes. Low energy atomic and molecular collisions(J.P. Toennies). Inner-shell Coulomb ionization (E. Merzbacher).Variational methods in inner-shell ionization (M. Kleber).Nuclear elastic scattering (P. Braun-Munzinger). Absorptivepotentials (G. Pollarolo). Coulomb excitation (Th. W. Elze). Semiclassical functional integral methods for few and many-bodysystems (S. Levit). Rearrangment Collisions. Nuclear transferreactions (A. Winther). Semiclassical aspects of transferreactions (P.D. Bond). Transfer involving deformed nuclei (J.O.Rasmussen, M.W. Guidry and L.F. Canto). The theory of electroncapture (J.S. Briggs). Electron capture from the K-shell:experimental (C.L. Cocke). Observation of the Thomas Peak (E.Horsdal). WKB approximations (D.M. Brink). Complex Collisions. Nuclear transport phenomena in low-energy heavy-ion collisions(J.R. Huizenga and W.U. Schrder). Friction in nuclear dynamics(W.J. Swiatecki). Fusion reactions at low energy (M. Beckerman). Uniform approximations and condon reflection effects (M.S.Child). A semiclassical approach to molecular energy transfer(G.D. Billing). Multiple electron capture (R. Mann). WKBapproach to nonseparable wave equations (U. Fano). Quantumphase-space distributions and quantum transport theory (F.Zachariasen). The phase-space representation of quantum mechanicsand the Bohr-Heisenberg correspondence principle (J.P. Dahl). Penetration of Atomic Particles through Matter. The Barkas effectand other higher order Z1-contributions to the stoppingpower (H.H. Andersen). Heavy-ion stopping (H. Geissel). Semiclassical description of scattering by atoms and by atomicstrings (J.U. Andersen). Author Index. Subject Index.