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  • Charles Sennewald, CPP, Independent security management consultant, expert witness, and author, internationally based

Since 9/11, business and industry has paid close attention to security within their own organizations. In fact, at no other time in modern history has business and industry been more concerned with security issues. A new concern for security measures to combat potential terrorism, sabotage, theft and disruption -- which could bring any business to it's knees -- has swept the nation. This has opened up a huge opportunity for private investigators and security professionals as consultants. Many retiring law enforcement and security management professionals look to enter the private security consulting market. Security consulting often involves conducting in-depth security surveys so businesses will know exactly where security holes are present and where they need improvement to limit their exposure to various threats. The fourth edition of Security Consulting introduces security and law enforcement professionals to the career and business of security consulting. It provides new and potential consultants with the practical guidelines needed to start up and maintain a successful independent practice. Updated and expanded information is included on marketing, fees and expenses, forensic consulting, the use of computers, and the need for professional growth. Useful sample forms have been updated in addition to new promotion opportunities and keys to conducting research on the Web.
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Independent security services, hardware, and management consultants looking for new "tools of the trade" in maintaining and growing their client base.Security Managers, and new professionals entering the security and security consulting field.


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  • Published: November 2012
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-398500-2


Remaining from the earlier edition is the valuable information on staring or maintaining a practice. Other strong points in the book address contracting, marketing procedures, and security surveys. A highly useful appendix contains sections on contracts, confidentiality agreements, and best-practice bulletins from the International Association of Private Security Consultants. Security Consulting is a must-read from anyone contemplating entering the business. It is highly recommended as well to existing consultants in need of fresh insights. – Security Management

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Security Consulting as a ProfessionChapter 2 Qualifications of a Professional Security ConsultantChapter 3 10 Most Common Questions Asked About Entering the ProfessionChapter 4 Starting the BusinessChapter 5 The Need for Effective Consulting WebsitesChapter 6 Bumps in the RoadChapter 7 MarketingChapter 8 The Proposal and ContractChapter 9 The SurveyChapter 10 The Consultant's ReportChapter 11 Fees and ExpensesChapter 12 Technical Security ConsultingChapter 13 Information Security ConsultingChapter 14 Forensic ConsultingChapter 15 Insurance and Liability ConsiderationsChapter 16 The Need for Profession GrowthChapter 17 Ethics in Consulting