Securing SQL Server book cover

Securing SQL Server

Protecting Your Database from Attackers

Microsoft SQL Server is the most used database platform in the world. Databases hold all of the information that a company uses. These databases have to be properly secured so that people that shouldn't have access are not able to access the data. This book covers the various ways that both employees and outside attackers can break into your database, how to prevent those problems, and how to clean up after a break-in.


Published: January 2011

Imprint: Syngress

ISBN: 978-1-59749-625-4


  • "Denny Cherry is what would happen if Bill Gates and AC/DC got together to create a sibling. He’s a bare-knuckles, no holds-barred technologist, and you can bet that if he tells you that something does or doesn’t work, he’s speaking from experience. Active in the community, his passion is sharing. You’ll enjoy this book."

    -Buck Woody, Senior Technology Specialist, Microsoft


    "Securing SQL Server is a must read for any architect or database administrator wanting to secure their SQL Servers. Given the sensitive data that SQL Servers could hold, it is vital that one understands the potential attacks and how to protect yourself from them. This is the book to help you understand."

    -InfoSecReviews Book Awards


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