Secure Your Network for Free


  • Eric Seagren, Eric Seagren, CISSP, CISA, ISSAP, JPMorganChase

This is the only book to clearly demonstrate how to get big dollar security for your network using freely available tools. This is a must have book for any company or person with a limited budget.Network security is in a constant struggle for budget to get things done. Upper management wants thing to be secure but doesn’t want to pay for it. With this book as a guide, everyone can get what they want. The examples and information will be of immense value to every small business. It will explain security principles and then demonstrate how to achieve them using only freely available software.
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This book is targeted at the small- to medium-size company IT person. It is likely that this person is responsible for both recommending and evaluating new technologies, and well as actually implementing them. This person will have intermediate level knowledge of network security concepts. The reader likely knows what needs to be done, but needs actual examples of how to do it.


Book information

  • Published: February 2007
  • Imprint: SYNGRESS
  • ISBN: 978-1-59749-123-5

Table of Contents

I. Business Case / Intro This provides a high level overview of what will be covered and lays the foundation for the business justification of implementing the technologies that are described. The information here will help the IT person, justify and convince management of the value of implementing the technologies. II. Protecting your Perimeter Covers specific examples on how to protect your network using free and open sources firewalls of various formats. This tells them how to have a firewall for their network for free. III. Protecting your Workstations and Servers This covers basic hardening techniques for hardening and patching computers. It also covers free personal firewalls and anti-virus solutions for both linux and Windows operating systems. IV. Detecting Security Issues This explains how to implement a top notch intrusion detection system using snort with examples for both Windows and Linux. V. Testing and Auditing Your Systems This chapter demonstrates free solutions for a discovery-based inventory and for vulnerability scanning using multiple free solutions. VI. Network Reporting & Troubleshooting This chapter covers the generation of network/firewall usage statistics and security log monitoring. It also addressing some basic troubleshooting methods using free network sniffers/protocol analyzers.