Rheology of Foods book cover

Rheology of Foods

The field of rheology of foods is extensive and a researcher in the field is called upon to interact with a diverse group of scientists and engineers. In arranging this symposium for the AIChE meeting in Chicago in November 1990 the papers were carefully selected to highlight this diversity. All but two of the chapters in this book are based on papers which were presented at this symposium, the additional paper was presented at the Conference on Food Engineering, Chicago, March 1991, and the book opens with an introductory overview. All the papers are peer–reviewed research contributions. The chapters cover a range of applications of food rheology to such areas as food texture, stability, and processing. This volume will be a reference source for workers within this wide and varied field.


Published: August 1993

Imprint: Elsevier

ISBN: 978-1-85166-877-9


  • Rheology and texture of foods tutorial review. Measurements of thixotropy in suspension of microspheres. Failure testing of gellan gels. Thermorheological studies of food polymer dispersions. Rheological characterization of melting of margarines and tablespreads. The effect of shear rate and strain on the pasting behavior of food starches. Comparison of small angle oscillatory and large deformation measurements to characterize the rheology of wheat flour doughs. Flow profiles in a tube rheometer. The use of ultrasonic testing for non–destructive evaluation of theological properties. Calibration of rheological techniques used for foods.


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