Return to the River

Restoring Salmon Back to the Columbia River

Edited by

  • Richard Williams, University of Idaho, Center for Salmonids and Freshwater Species at Risk, Hagerman, Idaho, U.S.A.

Return to the River will describe a new ecosystem-based approach to the restoration of salmon and steelhead populations in the Columbia River, once one of the most productive river basins for anadromous salmonids on the west coast of North America. The approach of this work has broad applicability to all recovery efforts throughout the northern hemisphere and general applicability to fisheries and aquatic restoration efforts throughout the world. The Pacific Northwest is now embroiled in a major public policy debate over the management and restoration of Pacific salmon. The outcome of the debate has the potential to affect major segments of the region's economy - river transportation, hydroelectric production, irrigated agriculture, urban growth, commercial and sport fisheries, etc. This debate, centered as it is on the salmon in all the rivers, has created a huge demand for information. The book will be a powerful addition to that debate.
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Fisheries managers & biologists, natural resource administrators, and river ecologists


Book information

  • Published: October 2005
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-088414-8


"This comprehensive text will be of invaluable help to all those involved in conservation and river restoration work whether as a scientists, administrator or politician, and many others involved in related undertakings." - Derek Mills, for FISHERIES RESEARCH (2006) "This edited volume provides a detailed overview of the science and policy of salmon restoration...This book is important reading for anyone interested in salmon and watershed restoration, and the chapters provide a wealth of scientific information on riverine and salmonid ecology." -FISHERIES (2006) "...very readable, this mighty book is packed with years of research and conclusions that demand reading and understanding by our elected representatives and decision-makers...Editor Richard Willams, with the Center for Salmonoids and Freshwater Species at Risk at the University of Idaho, has drawn together in one book the collective knowledge of a large group of the Northwest's best scientists who study fish and their environment." - Jack Berryman in SALMON TROUT STEELHEADER (2005)

Table of Contents

Part I: A New Conceptual FoundationChapter 1. The Problem of the Columbia River Salmon Contributors: Willis E. McConnaha, Richard N. Williams and James A. LichatowichChapter 2. The Conceptual FoundationContributors: James A. Lichatowich, Willis E. McConnaha, William J. Liss, Jack A. Stanford, and Richard N. WilliamsChapter 3. A Foundation for RestorationContributors: William J. Liss, Jack A. Stanford, James A. Lichatowich, Richard N. Williams, Charles C. Coutant, Phillip R. Mundy, and Richard R. WhitneyPart II: The Salmon Ecosystem and Its ManagementChapter 4. The Diversity, Structure and Status of PopulationsContributors: Richard N. Williams, James A. Lichatowich, and Madison A. PowellChapter 5. The Status of HabitatsContributors: Jack A. Stanford, Christopher A. Frissell and Charles C. CoutantChapter 6. Hydroelectric Systems and MigrationContributors: Charles C. Coutant and Richard R. WhitneyChapter 7. Sources of Mortality and Effectiveness of MitigationContributors: Richard R. Whitney, Charles C. Coutant, and Phillip R. MundyChapter 8. Artificial Production and the Effects of Fish Culture on Native SalmonidsContributors: James A. Lichatowich, Madison A. Powell, and Richard N. WilliamsChapter 9. Harvest ManagementContributors: Phillip R. Mundy Chapter 10. The Estuary, Plume, and Marine EnvironmentsContributors: Daniel L. Bottom, James A. Lichatowich, and Brian E. Riddell Part III: A New Vision for RestorationChapter 11. Monitoring and EvaluationContributors: Lyman MacDonald, Charles C. Coutant, Lyle D. Calvin, and Richard N. WilliamsChapter 12. The Federal Approach to Salmon Recovery at the MillenniumContributors: Peter A. Bisson, James A. Lichatowich, William J. Liss, Daniel Goodman, Charles C. Coutant, Lyman McDonald, Dennis Lettenmeier, Eric J. Loudenslager, and Richard N. WilliamsChapter 13. Conclusions and Strategies for Salmon Restoration in the Columbia River BasinContributors: Richard N. Williams, Jack A. Stanford, James A. Lichatowich, William J. Liss, Charles C. Coutant, Willis E. McConnaha, Richard R. Whitney, Phillip R. Mundy, Peter A. Bisson, and Madison A. Powell.