Reproductive Tissue Banking

Scientific Principles

Edited by

  • Armand Karow, Medical College of Georgia, and Xytex Corp, Augusta, Georgia, U.S.A.
  • John Critser, Cryobiology Research Institute, Methodist Hospital of Indiana, Inc., Indianapolis, U.S.A.

Reproductive technologies to assist in both human conception and animal breeding are increasingly in demand. These technologies, along with the advent of tissue engineering, have propelled the challenges of tissue collection, preservation, and banking to the research forefront. Using examples drawn from reproductive technologies, Reproductive Tissue Banking presents the scientific principles underlying tissue banking. These examples serve as models for the technology of banking other living tissues, including blood, bone marrow, cornea, and skin. In discussing research emerging from their laboratories and those of others, the authors meld fundamentals of biology, chemistry, and physics with the latest discoveries in the field to give the reader profound insight into research directions and ethical considerations crucial to the advancement of tissue banking.With its emphasis on human applications and concerns, this book provides a valuable supplement to short courses on tissue preservation and tissue engineering. Researchers in reproductive medicine, animal and veterinary science, and cryobiology will find this book, with its extensive bibliography, a very handy reference.
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Book information

  • Published: March 1997
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-399770-8


"This book is a perfect source for those, like myself, who are joining the field of reproductive tissue banking with a background in a related area...My overall opinion of the book is high. I would recommend it to anyone entering the field and for new students in an area utilizing cryobiology or reproductive tissues."

"...this book is a well-researched text of past and present cryobiology issues in reproduction. The authors effectively review the topic of cryobiology with an updated twist--the role that the biophysical and biochemical parameters play in freezing and thawing. There is little doubt that in the new millenium this text will be a benchmark for future books on cryopreservation."

Table of Contents

Utility of Viable Tissues Ex Vivo: Banking of Reproductive Cells and Tissues. Tissue Maturation in Vivo and in Vitro: Gamete and Embryo Ontogeny. Metabolic Support at Normothermia. Pharmacological Intervention in Vitro. Hypothermia and Mammalian Gametes. Fundamental Cryobiology of Mammalian Spermatozoa. The Cryobiology of Mammalian Oocyte. Cryopreservation of Multicellular Embryos and Reproductive Tissues. Genome Resource Banking: Impact on Biotic Conservation and Society. Implications of Tissue Banking for Human Reproductive Medicine. Subject Index.