Renal Disease in Cancer Patients book cover

Renal Disease in Cancer Patients

Renal Disease in Cancer Patients is a translational reference detailing the nephrological problems unique to patients with cancer in an organized and authoritative fashion. This book provides a common language for nephrologists, oncologists, hematologists, and other clinicians who treat cancer patients, to discuss the development of renal diseases in the context of cancer and options for their optimum diagnosis, management, and treatment.

With the advent of better supportive care and the era of personalized medicine, patients with cancer are living longer, and oncologists and nephrologists now recognize the serious consequences of renal disease among these patients.  Designed especially with this new need in mind, Renal Disease in Cancer Patients presents the various renal diseases affecting cancer patients in a single, authoritative volume. The book covers topics in radiation nephritis, obstructive nephropathy, drug nephropathy, graft-versus-host disease, and more.


Practicing clinicians, fellows, and residents in oncology, hematology, and nephrology

Hardbound, 312 Pages

Published: October 2013

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-415948-8


  • 1. Introduction

      Scott C. Howard and Kevin W. Finkel

    2. Acute Kidney Injury

      Joseph R. Angelo and Joshua A. Samuels

    3. Biomarkers in Oncology and Nephrology

      Putao Cen, Carl Walther, Kevin W. Finkel, Robert Amato

    4. Tumor Lysis Syndrome

      Scott C. Howard, Ching-Hon Pui, Raul C. Ribeiro

    5. Multiple Myeloma

      Amit Lahoti

    6. Bone Marrow Transplantation

      Benjamin Laskin and Sangeeta Hingorani

    7. Radiation Nephritis

      Amber S. Podoll, Mark J. Amsburgh

    8. Renal Cell Carcinoma

      Robert Amato

    9. Renal Cancer in Children

      Jeffrey S. Dome and Kelly L. Vallance

    10. Lymphoma/Leukemia

      Kevin Finkel

    11. Electrolyte Disorders

      Abdulla Salahudeen

    12. Infections

      Brett W. Stephens

    13. Drug Nephropathies

      Ilya Glezerman

    14. Paraneoplastic Glomerulonephritis

      Sheron Latcha and Surya V. Seshan

    15. Dosing Chemo on RRT

      William H. Fissell IV

    16. Cancer after Renal Transplantation

      Horacio Adrogue and Aleksandra Maria De Golovine


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