Refrigeration Processes book cover

Refrigeration Processes

A Practical Handbook on the Physical Properties of Refrigerants and their Applications

A comprehensive applications-oriented treatment of the subject in two parts. The first part forms a useful introduction to basic principles dealing with the definitions of the physical properties and outlines the method of their calculation. The second part is devoted to calculated data on a range of refrigerants by means of extensive tables and diagrams. The treatment takes the form of a data sheet, one for each of about thirty refrigerants; this data sheet gives the essential information from which close approximations of pressure, temperature, volume and enthalpy can be made for any predicted conditions. Following this is a set of tables of saturation properties in both Imperial and SI/Metric Units, where they are available. Pressure Enthalpy charts follow the tables. The refrigerants are arranged in the order of the now almost universally accpeted numerical classification introduced by the American Standards Association and adopted by the British Standards Institution. All the information is clearly indexed and readily accessible, and will prove invaluable to all students who require a sound background knowledge and understanding of the subject, and practising engineers will find it an indispensable source of reference


Published: September 1979

Imprint: Pergamon

ISBN: 978-0-08-024234-7


  • (partial) Introduction


    Pressure and flow work

    Other thermodynamic properties

    Energy transformation



    Data on refrigerants



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