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Recent Progress in Mesostructured Materials

Proceedings of the 5th International Mesostructured Materials Symposium (IMMS 2006) Shanghai, China, August 5-7, 2006

Recent Progress in Mesostructured Materials is a selection of oral and poster communications presented during the 5th International Mesostructured Materials Symposium (5th IMMS2006). Authorized by International Mesostructured Material Association (IMMA) and hosted by the Fudan University, China. The scope of this involved field covers both traditional inorganic mesostructured molecular sieves and mesostructured materials like organic polymers, metals, organic-inorganic nanocomposites, and ordered mesoporous carbons, the hot topics in chemistry, crystallization, structure, liquid crystalline, catalysis and materials science. This symposium provided a forum for the presentation of the most novel development and knowledge in the science and technology of mesostructured materials. Papers presented cover a wide range of topics that include synthesis, structure determination, characterisation, modelling, and application in catalysis, adsorption, biochemistry and advanced material sciences.

For researchers in material science, chemistry, chemical engineering, fine and petro-chemicals, and biotechnology

Hardbound, 956 Pages

Published: March 2007

Imprint: Elsevier

ISBN: 978-0-444-52178-1


  • I. Synthesis and structure of mesoporous materials
    II. Characterization of mesoporous materials
    III. Non-siliceous mesoporous materials
    IV. Mesoporous carbons
    V. Functional Mesoporous Materials
    VI. Mesoporous zeolite-like materials
    VII. Mesoporous films and morphology of mesoporous materials
    VIII.Catalysis of mesoporous materials
    IX. Applications of mesoporous materials


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