Rational Constructivism in Cognitive Development book cover

Rational Constructivism in Cognitive Development

Volume 43 of Advances in Child Development and Behavior includes chapters that highlight some of the most recent research in the area of Rational Constructivism. Each chapter provides in-depth discussions, and this volume serves as an invaluable resource for Developmental or educational psychology researchers, scholars, and students.

Developmental or educational psychology researchers, scholars, and students.

Hardbound, 440 Pages

Published: October 2012

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-397919-3



      1. The Probable and the Possible at 12 Months: Intuitive Reasoning about the Uncertain Future
      2. Nicolò Cesana-Arlotti, Erno Téglás and Luca L. Bonatti

      3. Probabilistic Inference in Human Infants
      4. Stephanie Denison and Fei Xu

      5. Reasoning about Instrumental and Communicative Agency in Human Infancy
      6. György Gergely and Pierre Jacob

      7. Can Rational Models be Good Accounts of Developmental Change? The Case of Language Development at Two Time Scales
      8. Colin Reimer Dawson and LouAnn Gerken

      9. Learning About Causes from People, and about People as Causes: Probabilistic Models and Social Causal Reasoning
      10. Daphna Buchsbaum, Elizabeth Seiver, Sophie Bridgers and Alison Gopnik

      11. Rational Randomness: The Role of Sampling in an Algorithmic Account of Preschooler’s Causal Learning
      12. E, Bonawitz, A. Gopnik, S. Denison, and T. L. Griffiths

      13. Developing a concept of choice
      14. Tamar Kushnir

      15. Irrational Inferences? When Children Ignore Evidence in Category-Based Induction
      16. Marjorie Rhodes

      17. A Number of Options: Rationalist, Constructivist and Bayesian Insights into the Development of Exact-Number Concepts
      18. Barbara W. Sarnecka and James Negen

      19. Finding New Facts; Thinking New Thoughts
      20. Laura Schulz

      21. Unifying Pedagogical Reasoning and Epistemic Trust
      22. Baxter S. Eaves Jr. and Patrick Shafto

      23. The Influence of Social Information on Children’s Statistical and Causal Inferences
      24. David M. Sobel and Natasha Z. Kirkham

      25. The Nature of Goal-Directed Action Representations in Infancy

      Jessica A. Sommerville, Michaela B. Upshaw and Jeff Loucks


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