Quantitative Column Liquid Chromatography book cover

Quantitative Column Liquid Chromatography

A Survey of Chemometric Methods


Published: January 1984

Imprint: Elsevier

ISBN: 978-0-444-42393-1


  • It should find its way to every chromatographer's desk... a valuable addition to the existing literature.
    L.A. Wilson, American Cyanamid Co.,

    The book is pleasingly up-to-date. I think it will be particularly useful (I might say invaluable) to readers like myself who have some more or less expert knowledge in the area... Congratulations on a fine job.
    Prof. A. Rudin, University of Waterloo,
    This volume is an outstanding monograph written by an expert and it can be highly recommended both to chemists, technicians and researchers.
    Cellulose Chemistry and Technology


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