Psychology of Learning and Motivation book cover

Psychology of Learning and Motivation

Advances in Research and Theory

With a long-standing tradition for excellence, this series is a collection of quality papers that are widely read by researchers in cognitive and experimental psychology. Each chapter thoughtfully integrates the writings of leading contributors, who present and discuss significant bodies of research relevant to their discipline.

Libraries, faculty and graduate students in experimental psychology, graduate students and faculty in cognitive development, and artificial intelligence researchers.

Hardbound, 328 Pages

Published: October 1993

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-543330-3


  • "Indispensable to all psychologists interested in the experimental study of the phenomena of learning and motivation."

    "Provides a diverse sampling of research being conducted throughout the area of learning."


  • F. Bedford, Perceptual Learning.R. Gelman, A Rational-Constructivist Account of Early Learning about Numbers and Objects. H.L. Roediger III, M.A. Wheeler, and S. Rajaram, Remembering, Knowing, and Reconstructing the Past.A.F. Healy, D.M. Clawson, D.S. McNamara, W.R. Marmie, V.I. Schneider, T.C. Rickard, R.J. Crutcher, C.L. King, K.A. Ericsson, and L.E. Bourne, Jr., The Long-Term Retention of Knowledge and Skills.W. Kintsch, B.K. Britton, C.R. Fletcher, E. Kintsch, S.M. Mannes, and M.J. Nathan, A Comprehension-Based Approach to Learning and Understanding.P.W. Cheng, Separating Causal Laws from Casual Facts: Pressing the Limits of Statistical Relevance.E.F. Shipley, Categories, Hierarchies, and Induction.Subject Index.


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