Protecting Business Information

A Manager's Guide


  • James A Schweitzer

'Protecting Business Information: A Manager's guide' is an introduction to the information resource, its sensitivity, value and susceptibility to risk. This book provides an outline for a business information security program and provides clear answers to the why and how of information protection.Protecting Business Information' provides detailed processes for analysis, leading to a complete and adequate information classification. It includes a thorough description of the methods for information classification.
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Security managers, information security professionals


Book information

  • Published: November 1995
  • ISBN: 978-0-7506-9658-6


'Loss of financial control can affect a company's profits or threaten its sucess, a full understanding of this publication would go a long way to preventing such disasters. It is therefore a must for the security manager's bookshelf.'

Table of Contents

Part I - THE CASE FOR INFORMATION SECURITY: 1 Some Background on Information Protection; 2 The Management Issue: Why bother with Information Security? 3 Information Threats and Vunerabilities; Part II - PROTECTION OF INFORMATION:CONCEPTS AND METHODS: 4 Information Concepts; 5 Establishing Proprietary Rights to Information; 6 Information Protection Methods; 7 Securing the Information Environments; 8 Computer Security; 9 Communications Security; Part III - INFORMATION SECURITY MANAGEMENT: 10 Information Security in the Business Enterprise; 11 Relating Information Security Investment to Business Needs; 12 Information Security Directives; 13 Setting Up the Information Security Program; 14 Administration and Maintenance of Information Security; Part IV - A COMPENDIUM OF TERMS WITH ISSUES, CONCERNS, AND SOLUTIONS.